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As at 23 June 2023
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Communique #69

2 August, 2022
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Vaccine language changes in paediatric and pregnancy recommendations

2 August, 2022
Further to recent changes to vaccine status across the recommendations for adults with mild COVID-19, the following paediatric and pregnancy recommendations have now been updated: Nirmatrelvir plus ritonavir...

Communique #68

22 July, 2022
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Update to recommendations for adults with mild COVID-19

21 July, 2022
To reflect changing language from ATAGI and to remove confusion among clinicians about what ‘up-to-date’ with vaccination means, the Taskforce has replaced this terminology across all relevant adult...

Communique #66

9 June, 2022
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Communique #59

7 March, 2022
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Communique #58

18 February, 2022
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EXPLAINER: What happens if I test positive to COVID-19?

19 July, 2021
With the recent COVID-19 outbreak in NSW and Victoria, it’s timely to revisit what happens if you test positive with COVID-19.  With so much media commentary and coverage...

Guidelines update, v40.3

25 June, 2021
Version 40.3 of the Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19 includes the identification of several new studies on disease-modifying treatments as well as an...

Guidelines update, v37.1

15 April, 2021
Updates to the Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19 this week include the following changes to the evidence summary sections for:   - Corticosteroids...

Taskforce recommendations for remdesivir unchanged following detailed analysis of disease severity subgroups

18 December, 2020
The Taskforce has completed a comprehensive review to assess the credibility of disease severity subgroups used in its recommendations on remdesivir. This was initiated following the World Health Organisation...

Weekly Communique #36

17 December, 2020
Dear colleagues, It’s hard to fully comprehend a year like 2020. The pandemic has affected us all and no doubt its impact will continue and reverberate for some...

Weekly Communique #31

12 November, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW IPC Panel EOI for paediatric and clinical engineering expertise The Taskforce is calling for Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified individuals with paediatric or clinical...

Weekly Communique #29

29 October, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Updates to the living guideline this week New recommendations Three new recommendations have been published covering: Triazavirin Other immunomodulatory agents (PIMS-TS) Aspirin and antithrombotic agents...

COVERAGE: A/Prof Julian Elliott on Trump treatment

7 October, 2020
Our Executive Director, A/Prof Julian Elliott spoke with Liam Mannix from The Age and Sydney Morning Herald about President Trump's treatment for COVID-19.      

Weekly Communique #15

23 July, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Rooming-in recommendation The Pregnancy and Perinatal Care Panel have made their third conditional recommendation. This week's concerns Rooming-in: For women with COVID-19 who have given birth,...

Weekly Communique #11

25 June, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Dexamethasone now under review by the Taskforce Following Tuesday's (23 June) pre-print release of results of the dexamethesaone arm of the UK's RECOVERY study, the...

Weekly Communique #9

11 June, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Time to acknowledge our expert volunteer contributions It's hard to believe that it's been 12 weeks since the Taskforce's first panel meeting. What began with...

Taskforce issues first recommendation for drug treatment for COVID-19

5 June, 2020
The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce today gave a conditional recommendation for use of remdesivir in treatment of people with COVID-19. The Taskforce is comprised of 28 peak health...
Media Release

Weekly Communique #8

4 June, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Taskforce issues first conditional recommendation for use of an antiviral treatment for COVID-19 This week, the Taskforce has issued a conditional recommendation on the use of remdesivir: "Whenever possible...

Weekly Communique #5

14 May, 2020
TASKFORCE UPDATE This week we welcomed the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine as a new member of the Taskforce. Two new expert guideline panels have...

Weekly Communique #4

8 May, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW We welcomed the following new members to the Taskforce: Australian College of Midwives Key new topics of discussion across the panels this week included: Publication...