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1. Scope

The MPX guidelines will focus on the treatment and care of individuals with MPX, aligning with the scope of the COVID-19 guidelines. Topics within scope include:

  • Drugs for the treatment of MPX
  • Risk factors for severe disease
  • Supportive recommendations related to other priority topics, as identified in existing guidelines and published research, and through discussions with experts and other stakeholders

The scope of work to be undertaken does not include epidemiology, infection prevention and control, vaccination or the impact on public health.

The target audience is clinicians and health care workers responsible for treating individuals with MPX. 

2. Methods

An iterative approach will be employed to develop the guideline. The following stages are proposed: 

  1. Identification of existing guidelines and analysis of recommendations
  2. Establishment of scope, development and prioritisation of clinical questions
  3. Identification of MPX literature and analysis of data
  4. Formulation of dedicated MPX Expert and Consumer Panels
  5. Development, publication, and dissemination of recommendations
  6. Evolution of scope and updating recommendations

3. More Information

For more details on our methods and development process:

  • Technical report: Methods for living Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with MPX [ADD LINK]
  • National Clinical Evidence Taskforce – MPX search methods  [ADD LINK]

and funders