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How we develop

A ‘living evidence’ model that responds rapidly to emerging research while adhering to trusted standards for evidence synthesis and guideline development

Our approach

The Taskforce uses a world-leading ‘living evidence’ approach, which combines rigorous, evidence-based methods and rapid, weekly updating. This enables the Taskforce to modify and update recommendations rapidly in response to the publication of new research evidence.

The guidelines use the GRADE methods and are designed to meet Australian NHMRC standards.

Relevant new questions to be addressed are continually sought from stakeholders and practitioners. For prioritised questions, the evidence is actively monitored and updated. Evidence surveillance combines horizon scans and targeted searches.

An evidence team appraises and synthesises evidence and prepares evidence-to-decision frameworks to inform development of recommendations by multidisciplinary clinical panels.

A guidelines leadership group oversees the development of recommendations by these expert panels and is advised by a consumer panel.

After initial approval by the Guidelines Leadership Group, all recommendations require 100% consensus by our 35 member organisations.

Endorsed recommendations are published online in MAGICapp and disseminated through traditional and social media channels.

Recommendation development and approval process

  1. Literature searches for treatment for COVID-19 and MPX (Daily, weekly or monthly)
  2. Publications screened, included studies appraised, Evidence Profile and Summary of Findings tables developed or added to (Weekly)
  3. Guideline Panels consider new evidence and draft guidance – recommendations and Flowcharts (as required)
  4. Guideline Leadership Group reviews all draft recommendations from Expert Clinical Panels, and approves for submission to Steering Committee (as required) 
  5. Steering Committee reviews and approves new and updated recommendations for publication (as required)

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